Pamela Battistella, RMT

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Pamela Battistella, RMT welcomes all walks of life into her practice. She offers each person a safe and non-judgemental treatment environment, approaching her practice with compassion and integrity. She has the understanding that every person is a unique individual with life experiences that will contribute to current postural imbalances, pain, and dysfunction. Through active listening, she seeks to discover each person’s goals and provide a treatment based on their own uniqueness and comfort level.

Pamela is fascinated with the intricate design of the human body, the way every layer works together, and its ability to self-heal. Bringing this awareness into her practice, her treatments integrate surrounding structures that could be contributing to pain and restriction instead of isolating her treatments directly where discomfort is felt.

She is a firm believer that knowledge of one’s body is a cornerstone in achieving wellness. Through patient education, her mission is to empower each person, by increasing their self-awareness during treatment and homecare and encouraging a proactive lifestyle.

Treatment modalities you may discover in a treatment with Pamela are:

-Diaphragmatic breathing guidance   -Myofascial Release Therapy

-Neuromuscular Therapy                      -Cranial Sacral TherapyJoint Mobilizations

-Joint Mobilizations                                 -Swedish Massage

-Stretching                                               -Hydrotherapy

Outside of the clinic Pamela can be found spending time with her husband, family, and friends, enjoying the outdoors, and practicing Pilates.

Pamela will be returning from maternity leave starting October 3rd, 2016.  In the meantime, please see one of our other Registered Massage Therapists for your treatment care.

For more information, or to book an appointment, please call Pamela at 604-939-5654, visit her online booking page, or email her at or add her on Facebook.

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